Sex in the Land of Duty

Long ago, and not so very long ago, there inhabited a virtuous community in an empire called the Land of Duty. They were guided by their ruling lord to whom they commonly referred as the Daddy. The inhabitants vehemently followed all the directions and orders of Daddy, who paid a regular surveillance on them each day and on each activity. Daddy’s words were final and mandatory in almost all the matters be it concerning religion, principles, education, love, marriage, production and even reproduction. Yes! Sex and the logic of it had its bearing on Daddy’s good judgment. At least that’s what was to happen after that day when Daddy called all the inhabitants to the Ground of Holy Birth (apparently the place of God’s origination). A massive golden shrine stood on that land huge enough to accommodate several generations of the entire population. Yet, surrounding the Ground of Holy Birth were meagrely built match-box condominiums, jam-packing all the inhabitants who had religiously adjusted with the declared landlessness in the empire. The holy birth place was also the venue for the Hour of Worship, a regular state ceremony to declare policy formulations. It was on one such ceremony that Daddy, clad in his saffron robe, enthroned himself once again on a raised platform and gave this speech that was to guide not only future generations but also the way they were to generate. The following speech is now also amongst the many religious texts of the Land of Duty.

“Daddy’s Blessings! My dear children, last night God visited me. He was in great pain and anguish. His crown-bearing head was drooping and his majestic hands looked frail. Upon my questioning he answered that the kids had forgotten their duties and that savaged him. My dear children, our God was worried that you sacrifice potential holy duties towards the state and the God himself for the meagre activity of love making and sex. Needless to mention is the filthy and unholy celebration of the foreign instituted idea of Valentine’s Day. Hence, in order to please our God and to fulfil our duties towards the state, culture and society, I demand you to maintain a stoic conviction for the principles of sex, which is nothing but God’s own message to redefine man’s relationship with woman.

Our view towards sex should not be as an activity but as a process. Land needs water – have you ever thought Why? Land, so distinct from water in appearance and characteristics gets washed by it everyday. Why does it have to undergo this process? You’re right! Because it needs fertility. Similarly my children… Men and women have been uniting since ages only to forge ahead the process of procreation. To give birth so that God is always serviced for. To generate future workers for the betterment of the state. Sex, hence, has always been a means to achieve this end.

God is wise. He is supreme. He is omniscient. It is He who enlightened me and reminded me how painful the process of sex is. How unhealthy, dirty and inhuman a practice is the exchange of saliva during a kiss. How dangerous a process has sex become with the assent of sexually transmitted diseases. Now wonder had it just been an activity for entertainment why would it not be as effortless as singing or listening to a hymn. This is not the nature of humankind God had once created. You would say that you derive pleasure from sex. Pleasure, my children, is in the service of God. Pleasure to attain divinity and spiritual summits. So much so that it leads you to witness God himself. Every other pleasure is not only disrespect towards state but also a blasphemy.

In this view for the refinement of the present state of affairs and the betterment of coming generations, Science for Worship division of the State has devised a revolutionary method to procreate. It is not only a matter of immense pride but also an opportunity to prove our admiration and devotion to the great man above all of us. The method of artificial insemination is our gift to the almighty in whose service we promise to spend our remaining lives. With this scientific invention, men and women no longer need to sleep together, make love, kiss each other or even enter the world of fantasies. It is in this view that your Daddy announces the new sexual policy for the holy state of Land of Duty.

First, sex is a ban: My dear children. You have come to this world with a purpose. The purpose is to do unconditional service for the supremacy of State and God. Every minute you waste on sex, is a minute your potential service is deprived of. Hence, in fulfilling their duty towards the almighty, the Monk Police has all the rights to purge anyone of you caught having sex, making love, kissing, exchanging gestures of pleasure and love or even masturbating. Remember, God is above all of us. He sees everybody and knows everything. So to even think about anything remotely related to physical love with opposite sex is a misdemeanour He will punish you for.

Second, worship is pleasure: Not in the grimy practice of kissing, or painful process of sex or contaminated thoughts about making love, the real pleasure lies in the worship of God and service for the State. If you believe in Daddy’s wisdom, then be assured that the attainment of salvation is the ultimate attainment of mankind. And the attainment of salvation is either through working in this holy shrine or for the state erected industries. There is nothing called love for another human. Love is always for almighty or the State. He who gives you wisdom and State which gives you employment are the only subjects of affection for you.

Third, homosexuals are sinners: How taken aback is God to see the extent to which you have tried to play with and spoil the pristine character of nature! It is not only an insidious crime against the natural order but also an infestation of sexual virus on the unadulterated consciousness that serves almighty. Such individuals are not only unfit to live in our holy society but in any civilisation inhabited by humans. These are the creatures who overlook nature for pleasure. And hence, are subject to an expulsion from the God’s own world.

Fourth, prostitutes are terrorists: God created women as creators and mothers. Women were taken as the symbols of purity, legitimacy and divinity. However, it is some greedy women who now infect the sanctity of our land and values by their professional practices of sex. More so, they have even demanded a seal of authenticity to their practices from your holy state devoted to God. Such women are terrorists as their practices are a terror to the consciousness we are trying to regain at this hour. They, through their gestures attempt to attract men and break their vows for the unconditional service to God. Hence, such threats to the peace and purity of our land are subject to prosecution and execution.

Fifth, marriages are made in Heaven: God converses with your Daddy. I am his means to reach you. And he knows who is best suited to live with whom. So I, through him of course, shall arrange marriages. Marriages, though, will now have a different meaning than before. A marriage shall not make couples to live together, but parents to take care of children given birth by the new holy technology. Each couple will be handed over the heavenly responsibility of raising the future hands of celestial service. Marriage devoid of sex, will not only inculcate respect towards state but also a chance to devote oneself to God in entirety. Any married couple engaging in sexual activity shall be dealt with. Moreover, any man or woman seen with someone other than the arranged partner will be taken as a terrorist.

Sixth, Daddy will protect his children: Lastly, I will continue to be your protector against all odds. As the guardian of this community, I have alone undertaken the punishment God had bestowed upon you all for your past sexual sins. To save the children from slightest of the trouble, Daddy will have to continue suffering from the sinister and painful act of sex. A punishment as callous and uninviting as this will continue till the time you, my children, attain salvation. If in the process, I fall short of life, my family is going to help you survive through this and will takeover the punishment from me.

Arise, awake and grow with the purity our God created us with. Sex is an aberration from the path to salvation. Let that not deter you. And your Daddy assures you a freedom no civilisation has ever witnessed. It is then that your Land of Duty will become a free state and you become individuals in true sense. Let spiritualism guide you and not materialism. Long Live Purity!”


‘Inhabitants’ cheered for their ‘Daddy’ and bowed their heads in front of the shrine. There were many questions within them quarrelling with the consciousness they were trying to give birth to. But never mind! Their Daddy was with them. That’s what was most important. Now they felt ‘cleansed’ and ‘enlightened’. They knew where they were heading to. They touched the feet of the acres large uninhabited ‘Ground of Holy Birth’ to depart for their clumsy little boxes of shelter by the side. While wearing her sleepers that she had left outside the ‘holy land’, a young girl saw a handsome young man trying to find his sleepers in the mess. Just then she brutally killed her desire to watch him for longer and turned her eyes away from him. Sitting silently at one corner of the land was this young man and a woman who had committed to each other a day before to stay together for years thereon. Where on one hand the man feared to touch her, the woman thought it was unworthy of her to remain seated along his side when all her physical desires had been purged in the ‘Hour of Worship’. A rough middle aged woman was seen running her way through the crowd into the jungles to hide from ‘Monk Police’. A prostitute, someone had said. Two middle aged men stood by the side of the community well carefully judging its depth and the coldness of the water inside. They held each other’s hands and rubbed them to send warmth of compassion and strength. They probably jumped together. Loyalists to the God celebrated the success of ‘Science for Worship’. After all, the ‘Land of Duty’ was now becoming devoted, pure and free.

Tips for Sexier Sex, If Possible – Enhancing Orgasms Through Tantric Positioning

Tips for sexier sex huh, Is this at all possible? Oh Yes, It IS Possible! Enhancing the orgasms that you do have and increasing possibilities for more through Tantric Positioning might sound complicated but anyone can do it. It is just exploring the best positions for you and your partner to help improve your sex life.

To begin this article off right where going straight to the punch of the best Tip for having sexier sex. It is Courage, Bravery, Sexual Confidence along with the ability and willingness to act on it. If you have any hang ups or inhibitions about being naked with the light on or certain sexual positions the time to let that go is right now.

Letting go of any hangups you might have is the best way to get sexual satisfaction and the benefits that come along with it. Limits and restrictions are not good bedfellows for great sex and are often an indication there is some inner psychological hurdle.

Anything that prevents us from giving and receiving sexual pleasure between two consenting adults is keeping you from maximizing your potential for new and innovative orgasms. It is often said the road to true sexual freedom and a healthy happy sexual self-esteem is to ‘responsibly’ let yourself go and explore the boundaries(an important note: This is almost always achieved through faithful monogamy).

There is absolutely nothing wrong or ‘dirty’ about any sexual position between two Consenting loving adults. It is a natural expression of love and feeling the release of your instincts and desires. We all want to be more confident sexually and the way to make that happen is through not allowing anything to stand in the way of our sexual ambition.

Enough about that now right? We are all liberated and ready for fearlessly exploring our real sexual well-being, intimacy on the highest levels possible. We are ready to explore the absolute best Tips for Sexier Sex by Enhancing Our Orgasms to be the best they can be and always improving.

Of course you realize this means overcoming any fears of, or worries about, trying some new things. Embarking on the journey of new sensations and opening yourself up to new ideas about sex. It involves a lot of trust. It is beyond worth it in the end and is why so many couples are successful in their relationships.

Finding a true connection and love begins and end with great sex. A healthy happy satisfying sex life is the one crucial vital element in a passionate and loving relationship. There is more to a couple than sex but that is the one thing they have that solidifies their “togetherness.” It is what makes them ‘In’ Love and that’s how you get to have great orgasms.

Orgasm Enhancing Positions

Coital Alignment Technique – (C.A.T.)

For me this brings the missionary position back to life. It is always good no matter what but when you approach a position with the feminine aspect in mind its improved by a thousand fold. If she is more apt to be pleased by this old-time favorite position then so much the better and that is what C.A.T. is all about.

Coital Alignment Technique requires the base of the penis and pelvic bone to stimulate the clitoris while thrusting with a patient rhythm. Constant clitoral stimulation is the calling card of C.A.T. Subtle but crafty full body movements with You Guessed it Constant Clitoral Stimulation is the best way to describe and achieve C.A.T..

The number of positions available are endless and this is in no way any attempt to list them. The few named here are just the beginning and more geared towards orgasm friendly with relative ease. Though they still require practice.

Please Stand Up, Put your hands and Face up against the Wall. Any position that allows easy access for manual clitoral stimulation while copulating is going to be a prime candidate for being an Orgasm Enhancing Position. This one is perfect and underutilized by many couples.

The woman standing puts her palms against a wall and then leans forward while tensing (or arching the waist) and sticks out her bottom. This allows the man to come in from behind and can easily kiss while with his hand massages a swirling motion rub to her clitoris. Such graphic details!

Tantric Lovemaking – Tantra is very hard to describe in short order. Entire volumes have been written covering only certain aspects of the vast topic of Tantra Sex. Tantra is a subject beyond that of sex but a religious, spiritual practice and Hindu Philosophy.

Is learning how to harness your particular sexual energy and transfer share and deliver it over to another as a power. This is a spiritual power of sexual depth and complete control through letting go. Liberation often ending in true sexual satisfaction and deep connection between the two love-makers.

Ending the tips to sexier sex and enhancing orgasms through Tantric Positioning with a small list from the eternal amount of Tantric style lovemaking is efficient enough for me. This article is already longer than originally intended. Hope it was a much fun to read as it was to write. Enjoy with courage, explore with understanding, and live with love and you will no doubt have a healthy sexier sex life.

Soul-gazing- staring into each others’ eyes.

Passionate Caresses- Obviously erotic message is always a great preemptive technique to begin with.

Yab-Yum- Classic tantra position of sitting Indian Style with woman on top her legs around him. You are facing each other.

Laying of Hands- During sex whenever you are close to climax, lay your hands over your lovers’ heart to signal it to them and stare at each other during the climax.

Pranayama or Regularisation of Breath- Breathing in unison together and also creating a kind of yin-yang rhythm together. It will come natural and all of a sudden become a bigger part of your sex by offering more control. Ultimately bringing on shared or simultaneous orgasms.

Orgastic Circulation of Light- Creative visualization is an advance technique that can drastically increase the intensity of your togetherness. Both of you will creatively visualize the same thing. Usually a sphere, a ball of glowing light between you while making love. It can rise and descend between you changing color at different intervals.

Learn ways in which you can help prolong the act of sex naturally, Increase & Enhance Orgasms Through Tantra [], tips for finding perfect positions for you and your body types and all kinds of great insights. Help yourself have better sex by learning more about Sex and Relationships from experts in the field.

Adult ADHD – ADD – How to Cope!

Adult ADHD. When I told my friend, Andrew, that I had adult ADHD, he was quite surprised. He thought that I would be hyperactive, loud, with unlimited energy and no control over my impulses. Without sounding too patronizing, I told him that what he had in mind was child, which I wasn’t.

I then realized that many people did not know anything about adult ADHD because it is often mistaken for a disorder that only kids get. Although true to a certain extent, but most kids do not grow out of the disorder and it then tends to manifest itself no too far in the future. With years of dealing with this problem, I have realized that my symptoms have only gotten worse as I grew into adulthood. I suppose this is basically because of all the pressures of adult life. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child.

Just like me, there are thousands of adults with this problem. Each day for us is a struggle where we have to control ourselves, keep our attention on the tasks at hand and keep a strict watch on our emotions. I have had troubled staying focused, being organized, managing my time and money, and remembering to do all the daily tasks. However, I have a very supportive family so it is much easier for me to deal with adult ADHD compared to all the other adults who do not have the necessary support.

I was lucky that I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a child. The same cannot be said for so many adults who are out there. Trust me when I say that living with adult ADHD is total chaos; and living with undiagnosed adult AHDH can be a living hell. A person would be constantly stressed out about missing deadlines and forgetting appointments. In addition, the person would end up aggravating his friends and family who would think of them as an under-achiever. All this leads to self-blame.

Unfortunately, there is lack of information where adult ADHD is concerned. Most of the literature that I have found deals with children aged 2 to 12. And the saddest part is the most of these children will ultimately grow up to have adult ADHD. And most adults do not know where to go to get information on ADHD. Personally I think that adults suffering from adult ADHD do not want to be treated for this disorder because of conflicting reports that are available. In addition, there is a stigma attached when an adult seeks help and treatment. This makes adult ADHD sufferers to brush their problem under the carpet and pretend that it does not exist. I think if I had taken this route, I would not be leading such a fulfilling life.

I am not ashamed at my condition, and I try to educate and help other adults with attention deficit disorder. However, in order to combat this disorder, the adult himself has to take the first step in getting the disorder treated. For me the first step was accepting that I had a problem and then the treatment for adult ADHD became a lot easier.

Adult Business Woes: The Problems of Setting up an Adult Content Site

As with any other business, the adult industry is not without its problems. Beginnings are always tough for any new endeavor. If you plan on starting your own adult site, you may want to consider the following problems that new adult merchants encounter.

1.The ever-tightening law belt against adult-related content – Law enforcement agencies have knuckled down on protecting younger Internet users from exposure to content deemed immoral. Some laws have also been laid down for what’s good for consumption of the general public and what’s not. For instance, the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 makes it illegal for adult site owners to post child pornography, at least in the United States. While the existing laws may not necessarily be able to cover your particular brand of adult content, it cannot be denied that it has had a certain ripple effect throughout the industry. One way to deal with this hindrance to success is simply to know what’s legal and what’s not. Do not risk limiting your goods and services to a genre that may be banned in countries that are major target markets.

2.Hosting limitations – Most web hosts have a contingency against adult-related sites, mostly because they don’t want adult material on their servers. Two other things that go against adult website operators in this context is their demand for high bandwidth and disk space to cover the site’s high traffic, high volume streaming and media-rich content. If you are looking for a host, make sure to get one that will be able to cover both requirements. While some mainstream hosts are willing to work with adult site owners, they may not understand the business as in depth as an industry-specific host could.

3.Difficulty in acquiring an adult merchant account – Perhaps the toughest problem to overcome, acquiring a merchant account can be a time-consuming and difficult process for the adult merchant. First among the things to contend with would be the killer rates. As adult businesses are considered high risk account, they are often subjected to sky-high fees. The best solution to this problem would be to find a payment processor catering specifically to the adult industry. One example would be AdultMerchantPay. This particular online payment processor offers low-cost accounts with no upfront fees. An adult merchant account service provider would also understand the need of the adult merchant for optimum security and should be able to provide this with an advance technology payment gateway.

4.Lack of compelling content available- Webmasters of adult sites are always looking for something fresh and something new. While many sites offer good content, what you should be looking for in a supplier is: 1) variety; 2) original content; and 3) the legal stuff. As previously mentioned, not all content is deemed legal. So aside from looking for the good stuff, make sure you are dealing with the legal ones as well.

5.Market satiated with free products and services – To say that the competition in the adult world is tight is an understatement. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of adult content websites out there. Why should the average consumer pay for your services and goods when a glut of free online adult entertainment content can easily be accessed online? The answer to this problem may be less complex than you think. Offer a service that is different from what everyone else out there has. Focusing on your own niche is the best way to get your audience to be loyal subscribers.

One thing to remember when starting an adult site: With the right mix of marketing savvy, great content and old-fashioned hard work, your adult website can, and most likely will, succeed. While other entertainment businesses may suffer from an economic roller coaster, the adult industry will feel nary a sting from the ups and downs of a country’s financial state. The reason is obvious, access to online adult content is easier to acquire than any other entertainment venue (say movies, plays or fine dining). Adult sites are only a click away and subscriptions to a site will last longer than what a consumer gets when paying for dinner and a movie.

Aside from having accessibility on its side, the probability of its success is also driven by the consistently high demand for adult-related material. Thousands of subscribers keep the industry afloat by continuing to pay big bucks on a recurring basis. So make sure you have original, eye-popping content that is within the legal boundaries of your target market. Get a host that can cater to your specific needs and an adult merchant account provider that will ensure you get paid for all your troubles.

Adults With a New Diagnosis of ADHD

Many adults diagnosed with ADHD will not have had a formal diagnosis of ADHD as children. What this means from a practical standpoint is that they will have to learn how to manage their symptoms without having had any previous training in ADHD symptom management.

Newly diagnosed adults with ADHD face life challenges that are very different form the challenges faced by their younger ADHD cohorts. ADHD Adults, who may have previously depended on parents for support performing their activities of daily living, must learn, on their own, how to best organize their day-to-day tasks. These adults are often learning to negotiate other challenges as well such as how to navigate relationships, how to succeed with the demands of higher education, and how to succeed in their careers.

This is a tall order for people whose ADHD symptoms have gone unrecognized or untreated. For some adults with ADHD the ADHD symptoms have been present for a long time but the symptoms did not become a major impairment because of the support of parents or other family members.

These adults with ADHD will need to learn new life skills in order to manage their symptoms. Most ADHD adults will also likely need medical intervention. Psychological coaching, medication, cognitive training and EEG biofeedback have all proved useful in the management of adults with ADHD.

So where do you start if you are an adult newly diagnosed with ADHD? Your first stop should probably be the container store. No kidding!! Organizing your personal space will go a long way to moving forward on more lofty goals. Enlist the help of a relative or friend to help get you started but be careful to not allow your relatives or friends take over the job of ‘organizing’ you. You must learn to carry out these organizational tasks on your own.

A common problem that I have seen in adults with ADHD occurs when the ADHD adult has a partner, spouse, parent, or friend who enables the ADHD adult to continue to be disorganized and unproductive. The partner or friend continuously ‘helps’ the adult with ADHD by continually performing for the ADHD adult the household and life tasks that the ADHD adult should be doing for himself or herself.

Inevitably the partner ends up resenting the one sided arrangement and the relationship ends up in ruin. If you find that you have a pattern of surrounding yourself with people who do things for you, it may be necessary for you to get professional help from a counselor and coach in order to get you on your way to learning how to navigate your life tasks on your own.

Finding the right job is important for all adults but for adults with ADHD some jobs are a better match than others. In general jobs that require repetitive tasks will be problematic for adults with ADHD. Jobs that require that you sit still for long periods are also a poor choice. Jobs such as firefighting, police work, paramedic work, waitressing, ER physician, Tour Guide, or teacher are probably better jobs than jobs in computer programming, bookkeeping, or accounting.

Finding the right spouse or partner is as important in life as finding the right job. The best partners for adults with ADHD are patient and can tolerate a bit of disorganization but do not enable to adult to stay perpetually disorganized. Good partners encourage, motivate, and help Adults with ADHD to complete their tasks and provide the necessary love and support to empower the ADHD adult to succeed.

The most important goal for a newly diagnosed adult with ADHD involves finding the medical and personal support that will facilitate their:

Learning to organize your life
Picking the right life partner of spouse, and
Choosing the correct career.

Once the appropriate support is in place and these three areas are addressed, the life of Adults newly diagnosed with ADHD will be much more manageable.

Asians – The Asian Woman

On this planet are billions of people yet the most intriguing are the Asians… the Asian females to get more accurate! Their looks is at least for me personally too much to handle; their long, dark locks, dark eyes, tiny body… they’ve got components that really help them get and stay forever inside the mind of each and every guy as well as of countless girls coming from around the world. For those who haven’t had the joy of meeting such a woman head to head, definitely you saw hundreds on TV and also on the net.

Across the world are dozens of extremely popular Asian girls which stand for the erotic dream of countless men and women. The movies in which they star are generally rich in action… however that form of action not too many folks can think about. First of all, the physical look of Asian ladies is overwhelming – I shortly explained it above too however I need to add more about their body. I never saw a girl having such a dark-colored and also lengthy hair, tight body, incomprehensible eyes, kissable lips, fluffy and darkish skin tone – I’m an American lady that can’t disregard the sex attractiveness Asians have got.

Their little, tight physique is undoubtedly in the minds of numerous guys from each and every corner of the globe, this being the key reason why free porn movies in which these people star, hold the very first spots of the tastes of the people which access the hosting websites. We are all aware that the free porn industry is these days at it’s greatest stage and it could grow a whole lot larger – more than we could ever imagine! Asians that act in free porn videos are viewed like globally superstars and additionally role-models for many people. There’s no doubt that the main reason why many men and women check out these movies is because they are really curious to see how Asians look undressed, how they have intercourse, how big their own sex attraction is. The truth is that I viewed some free porn videos and how they acted was amazing… and I’m not making any reference to the love-making act.

The one thing which blew me off was the way they were looking naked, how they were shifting slowly and gradually as well as gentle within the room, just how their black eyes were shutting down every time they were fired up… it might seem a bit unusual, but the feelings which i got only from viewing free porn films in which Asians featured in were fantastic and as much as I would like to, I can’t come across any terms to describe it.

The “Sex Sells” Syndrome in American Business!

Male-created religious doctrines designed to control the sexual behavior of females have had results the founders probably could not have imagined in their own time-or if they did recognize them they chose to ignore them for a variety of reasons.

One of the most disastrous of the measures imposed upon both men and women but especially women was limiting sexual behavior to the point that most individuals spent much of their lives in a state of sexual frustration caused by a build-up of sexual energy that could not be expended.

Until contemporary times even masturbation, especially by males, was regarded as a major sin against God and was punished by a variety of means, including things that were demeaning and often cruel. [One Bible author says it is better for a male to leave his seed in the belly of a whore than to masturbate!]

The results of this misunderstanding and misuse of human sexuality included both emotional and physical ailments that still today continue plague much of mankind…and historically have also resulted in thriving prostitution industries in most countries. [It is just now finally being recognized by a few "experts" that unused sexual energy in males is responsible for much of the violence in societies.]

When education and other forms of enlightenment began to loosen some of the religious restraints on sexual attitudes and behavior in the United States, businessmen were quick to pick up on and exploit the area of human sexuality that was the most abused, most constrained-and that, of course, was female sexuality.

Advertisements began to feature attractive women in seductive poses and various states of undress. By the 1950s most marketing programs in the country were based on the appeal of female sexuality. And in the following decades female sexuality-related ads began to appear in Japan and other Asian countries.

Well before the end of the 20th century the level of sexuality portrayed in American advertisements of all kinds and in every medium had reached the level of soft pornography. By the beginning of the 21st century many marketing programs had reached the level of semi-hard porn to attract attention to products…and hard-core porn had become a staple of movies and television shows.

Another fallout from the misunderstanding and misuse of human sexuality is the declining custom of marriage and the increase in children born out of wedlock…both of which have a powerful, negative effect on the stability of societies and the quality of life.

This sexual revolution-again caused by the mostly well-intentioned attempts of religious doctrines to limit sexual behavior and channel it into narrow confines-is still in its early stages. Where and how far it will go remains to be seen.